BYourself 2011

Barbara Armbruster (DEU)

Conceptual Design for a Wallpainting
Oil on canvas, 40 × 50 cm

Wallpainting, acryl, 257 × 190 cm, size variable.

She switched on the Lights
Colour photograph, 85 × 125 cm, Ed.3

Mess #2
Colour photograph, 85 × 125 cm, Ed.3

Once when I walked in the streets of Cairo I discovered this word embedded in a Grafiti on a house wall. This word became the starting point for the concept and installation BYourself combining photography, wallpainting, painting and drawings. The two photo- graphs stand for two contrary situa- tions of today’s life. In one photo- graph one sees the artist the stair in a very luxurious villa climbing down. The other photograph shows in high piles or dirty dishes, pots and vessels. The two photographs are connected by the wall- painting where the draught on canvas is as well presented in the installation. The wallpainting takes up the beam auf light which penetrates the window pane located between both photographs light as an essential part of life. Light plays a role in both photographs. The light in Cairo influenced my sensitivi- ties and work with the same intensity.
Stuttgart, Cairo, 2012 July