About Us


“Le Caire mon amour” is an initiative of the artist Anne du Boistesselin. Isabelle Klaus, visual artist, integrates later on the project. Together they organize and conceive “Le Caire mon amour“’s various editions; they produce as well their own pieces of art.

“Le Caire mon amour” aims to gather foreign artists whose experience of Cairo has strongly inspired their creation poses the question of an emerging global artistic culture and its exhibition possibilities. These artists from different nationalities and disciplines confront their experience in the frame of collective exhibitions.

In these unexpected locations, they offer a unique proposal in Cairo’s artistic landscape. The one of an unusual artistic exhibit in its very scenery and representation.


These events show the dynamism, diversity and artistic difference of Cairo. “Le Caire mon amour” evolves and grows by responding to a cultural, oneiric need for an innovative art platform and freedom of expression.

All editions of “Le Caire mon amour” are first and foremost, a meeting point for artists coming with various ages, nationalities, cultures and itineraries. Installations such as poems, made of neon lights, with sound and images as a succession of experiences as a constant invitation to reconsider creation outside common considerations of the art world.

“Le Caire mon amour” is an address with three locations : an apartment and two street windows. One of the windows is reserved to video screenings from all over the world. During “Le Caire mon amour” #2 & #3, Yasmina Benari (Visual artist) selected innovative reports and documentaries of various length by young artists from Europe. Most films are focused on the Arab world. The other window is a small exhibition boutique : "Shop Le Shop", open during all three openings of the exhibitions. It offers a selection of original creations and editions by artists.

Apart from opening days, “Shop Le Shop” becomes an exhibition window by installing and showcasing an original creation by an artist, which can be seen day and night.