Lovely Downtown!

Baladilab (ITA/DEU)

Architectural interactive intervention by Vittoria Capresi & Barbara Pampe aka Baladilab
Plan black and white 178 × 178 cm Downtown scale 1:1000, postcards 12,5 × 9 cm with 2 questions, 2 coffee shop chairs with hanging postcards 18 × 13 cm, 1 coffee shop table, pink sticking notes.

A big plan of Downtown is hanging on the wall. In front of it, there are a small typical Egyptian coffee-table with two pink traditional coffeeshop chairs. From the chairs are hanging two postcards with images of famous downtown buildings and some general information about them.
Aim of the event is to share experiences about Downtown, navigating in­ personal memories. The visitor is asked to write on a postcard his / her favourite place in Downtown, describing the memories related to this place. The same place is marked on the plan, with a keyword on to describe it.
Baladilab is now working on building up a generalised mental map of Downtown, which – avoiding sentimentalisms and nostalgia – try to connect the places with the positive experiences of each of us.