Sacred heart of Jesus

Liz Cardenas (ECU)

Most of the garments are made out of silk organza and chiffon in red, black and different shades of pink. Embroidery and printing have been used to depict the love theme of the collection in a subtle way. The construction and special seams allow the dresses to be used inside out. The alliance of the fashion concept and handcraft technique makes the pieces ethereal, fragile and strong at the same time. The concept of the “sacred heart of Jesus” was the central theme of the collection, perceived by the designer as an eclectic, rock’n roll icon more than a religious one. She uses the heart in many of her pieces, from well defined images of it to more abstract, simple ones. Most part of the collection was created in 2001 and it appeared in many international press, fashion books, magazines and TV in Latin America, United States and Europe. Some of the pieces were especially created for «Le Caire mon amour» Exhibition.