Thut Ahn Thok

François Perez (FRA/AUS)

Les dimensions de Thut! C’est un peu comme les sites de rencontres… moi je ne connais jamais les dimensions… et bien, je crois que Thut fait 1m80, avec son chapeau, 2m20 et sur le socle 2m70. Quant à son poids, je n’en ai aucune idée… il est celibataire… etc…
 mannequin, papiers hologramme, fausse fourrure, socle en bois recouvert de papiers hologramme.

Thut Ahn Thok, King of Attaba (french phonetics of Thut Ahn Thok meaning “All in fake”) is a humoristic hommage to a favorite area in Cairo called Attaba, an immense popular market where all sorts of wholesale goods are to be found, fake flowers, and plants, fake furs, fake precious stones, brand copies, fabrics, accessories etc. and also hologram papers.

All materials for Thut Ahn Thok, a tiny fraction of what is available there, comes from that area. It is my fascination for non noble materials that epitomizes our time and a nod to a certain popular culture in Egypt.

Thut Ahn Thok is set in a kind of Museum room replica, with supposed information on the symbolism of his costume, referring to archaeological discoveries.