Videos focused on the Arab world

Filmmakers (FRA, DNK, TUN)

A series of short and long videos focused on the Arab world and its social, political and cultural transitions and recent changes.
Made by young filmmakers from France, Denmark and Europe, it is set to give a modern standpoint on the region and its recent transformations.

Gaza, Souvenirs
by Sam Albaric
46’, video, 2007
«In order to discover a city, it helps to know how one works, loves and dies there» Albert Camus.
The film is a succession of phone calls between a young Palestinian Wissam and Sam the director. They share common memories and their souvenirs of a fantasy Gaza where bakers seduce young women and vegetable shop owners take us on a journey to the fabulous world of Djinns. Safety teams on the beach remind us of the other Gaza, the one too often depicted in TV news where pain and death take the main place.

Pine Nuts
by Lasse Lau
20’, 16mm, 2008

Electro Chaabi
by Hind Meddeb
15’26’’, video, 2011
A short about the then upcoming movement of electro music in Egypt throughout different social classes.