6 shorts from the Middle east

Filmmakers (DNK, DNK, TUN)

Six short documentaries directed by young and upcoming danish filmmakers in the frame of a partnership between DEDI (Danish Egyptian dialogue institute), Danish Film Institute (Dansk film skole) and IMS (International Media support). All films are set in a country from the Middle East (Jordan, Egypt, Syria).

Silence in a noisy world
by Katrine Philp
29’, 2008

Manar and the children in the house with the hole in the roof
by Malina Terkelsen
29’, 2008

A day in the smoke
by Andreas Koefoed
30’, 2008

Above the ground, beneath the sky
by Simon Lereng Wilmont
29’, 2009

As time went by
by Kristoffer Kiørboe

Fashion on the Nile
by Yasmina Benari
Liz Cardenas Fashion show, 2011.

Egyptian Cinema
by Hind Meddeb
A short following the main actors of inde- pendent cinema and the new Egyptian wave.