Fatiha Bouzidi (FRA / DZA)

Born in France to Algerian parents, Fatiha is a long-time Cairo resident where she performs and teaches Egyptian dance. She is an also established book designer. In 2001, she appeared in “Les Français aiment le Caire production” with violonist Alfred Gamil and the well-loved Cairo band Wast al Balad. The performance was held in the dreamy setting of Beit Al Harawi, an Ottoman House, and celebrated the Egyptian influences on Christian Dior’s design. In 2002, she performed together with the Al Warsha theater troupe and Alfred Gamil in the gardens of the Agriculture Museum. In 2007, she produced the full length solo production entitled Baladi Dance on the Roof on the rooftop of the French Cultural Center in Heliopolis, dancing against the backdrop of the Cairo skyline.